Our Services

We make connections happen. We connect people to their ambition, people to teams, people to business objectives, suppliers to clients, stories to audiences. We consider the values of a business, the importance of its people, and the importance of getting the best out of people holistically rather than in isolation. Individual and group coaching and mentoring underpins everything that we do. The end result? We help businesses and individuals to be the absolute best they can be.

Workplace strategy and values

Your organisation might want to be innovative, take risks and be forward thinking. But, in reality, are these the right values for your organisation, do people identify with them, and are you living them? We take a holistic approach to ensuring that your values reflect the culture and strategic objectives of your organisation, and are understood and embedded.

Using a range of effective tools including surveys, focus groups and workshops, we help bring your values to life. Whether it be a top down or a bottom up approach, we work with you to find the best approach for your organisation and its people. We ensure that your organisation’s tone of voice matches the values that you promote. This can involve workplace design, artwork and the behaviours of your people.

Photograph: As head of Channel 4’s corporate services division, Julie ensured that workplace design was aligned with Channel 4’s values

Top team

In today’s rapidly changing world, it’s important that your top team is effective and high performing. If you’re not working well together, it will impact on the business. We take a tried and tested approach to evaluating your leadership team. We then work with you to help you to be more effective, show staff and customers that you have the right people at the helm, and deliver what is best for the business.

Our approach is incredibly powerful, involving working with experts from the world of psychology, and using novel approaches such as yacht club away days and gameification. We also hone in on specific issues, ensuring your meetings are more productive, outcome focused and aligned to the business. Our work with top teams is underpinned by Julie’s extensive experience at senior level in corporate real estate, business and the media. Individual coaching or mentoring is also often recommended as part of a top team programme. We are well known for our work with women and minorities in leadership, as well as new and aspiring leaders.

Connected teams

It’s not uncommon to have a team comprised of talented individuals that isn’t gelling or working well together. This can result in a lot of wasted time and effort and considerable frustration for team members. We help your teams to work effectively in unison for the benefit of the whole, and harness the power of doing so. We also ensure that the skills and behaviours of each individual are being used to best effect.

One of our most popular team building days is a yacht club away day. Onsite days are also extremely popular. Regardless of the location, our sessions are collaborative, inspiring, fun, and fully supportive of everyone. Team building sessions can also include facilitated Clarity4D workshops, which provide a personal and team development process for significantly improving personal and professional relationships. Our work is underpinned by our extensive experience creating and managing award-winning teams, in corporate and not-for-profit settings. Individual coaching or mentoring can also be carried out as part of a team building programme.