We are Konnected People

We are here to help you succeed. Led by Julie Kortens, we support workplaces to bring their strategy and values to life, and support teams to work better together. Individual and group coaching and mentoring underpins our work, as does Julie’s unrivalled depth and breadth of experience. Work with us, become the best you can be.

Our team

Workplace strategy and values

We help workplaces to articulate their strategy and values and bring them to life. Talk to anyone in your business and they should be able to tell you what your strategy and values are. As head of Channel 4’s corporate services division, Julie Kortens took a holistic approach to ensure the organisation’s values were embedded and reflected the organisation’s culture and strategic objectives. Using our extensive expertise, we help you to achieve the best outcome.

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Top team

How effective and cohesive is your top team and how do the people in your business perceive you? Are you perceived as one team or as a disparate group of people vying for leadership? Drawing on the work of experienced psychologists, we help you evaluate your dynamics. We then guide you to being more cohesive and effective, working with you to make your interactions with each other more productive, outcome focused and aligned to your business.

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Connected teams

Having effective teams in your business is key to its success. We can help your teams to communicate well, work in smart and effective ways towards the same goal, and deliver successfully without wasting time and effort. We can also help to make sure that the skills and characteristics of individuals are used to best effect. We work closely with your teams, carry out personal profiling, deliver 360 Degree Feedback, help with goal setting and deliver effective communication techniques, in creative and effective ways.

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Our clients

We work in partnership with clients from across the services industries, with focus on FM, the built environment and HR. All of our work is people and outcome focused. We put the needs of clients first, and work collaboratively with you to ensure you achieve your vision and goals.

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